Dragas a las rocas


One of the things that I do, or try to do actually, is being a photographer for a living. Specifically photographing events. One of the events that I enjoy most, are fashion and drag shows. The backstage at these shows is absolutely crazy, with tons of people crammed in a tiny room,trying to dress, do hair and make up and at the same time trying not to break a sweat makes for amazing pictures in the end. The shows are another thing.

Each drag queen has a specific personality, so I’ve noticed when I edit the pictures that the pictures actually turn out to the Queens vibes from on stage. April Carrion is one of my favorites, every time she does a show It’s breathtaking. There is a certain thing for details in these shows that is just the kind of thing that I love to look at and capture through the photos. I look up to these Queens, their performance and commitment and detail to each look, inspires me to push the envelope on my own outfits. Here I leave you with a few pics from a show produced by Mala Entertainment.







Ecliptica | Paradis

Got the chance to be backstage taking pictures for Matte Mag in Ecliptica’s fashion show Paradis. I couldnt ask for anything better than to enjoy a show being backstage and having the chance to document the process. The collective rush, documenting piece by piece, model by model, how details are fixed and changed at the last minute, how a show gets done and how it will be remembered. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I Love it.

Lisa Capalli “Kyoto Protocol” f/w 2013

Went to the runway show of Lisa Cappali with Matte Mag! Got to do backstage and runway! More photos up at Matte Blog!

Lisa Thon “Naif” f/w 2013

Went to the Lisa Thon show to photograph backstage and runway.

My photos were published on Matte Mag! Check them out! :D:D:D:D

Harry Robles “La Fete de Babette” f/w 2013

Got to go with Matte Mag and cover the runway show of Harry Robles! For more of my photos go to Matte Mag.

Diarios de Creación: Harry Robles

Un dia con Harry Robles para Magacin

Video de entrevista con el Harry Robles

Ecliptica “Edelweiss” s/s 2013

Got the chance to cover the runway show for Ecliptica with Matte Mag. More here!

Here is the video I shot and edited for Magacin

Diarios de Creación: Stella Nolasco

A day in the workforce of Stella Nolasco for Magacin.

Last, but not least, the interview with Stella Nolasco


 Our Friends from Matte Mag did a piece on my solo show “Entre Bestias”!!! Thank you guys! :D:D:D