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Du Pasquier

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Nathalie Du Pasquier is not only an amazing designer, but one of the founding member of the Memphis group (an Italian design and architecture group founded in Milan in 1981). I’ve been obsessed with them for a while now. Hunting and searching on the web for things ( I can afford ) made by the Memphis Group. One of the few things my pocket can actually take, is this really fun romper from American Apparel. Last year they launched a line with some Pasquier iconic patterns and being pattern obsessed I hunt down these piece until I could get it to my wallet’s demands.

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It’s like someone at Topshop was thinking of me when they made this shirt. It has my name written all over. I fell in love with it so fast. Patterns patterns and more patterns!!!!

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Stripes and a grid. Today’s outfit is all of that. The top is perfect for summer, specially in the caribbean where it can get pretty humid. The top is from Nordstrom’s corner of Topshop and the stripes pants I really cant remember, ‘cuase they are old ­čśŤ

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This look is part of a editorial that has been published at The theme are selfies and It’s a self portrait editorial, I actually used the iphone as a remote to take the pics.

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Today i kind of went crazy with this digital outfit. Patterns and mesh all over.

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This look has been a long time coming. I had it stored for a day like today when i forgot my hard drive and couldn’t post anything. Here it raises and finally It’s posted. This look was an experiment my awesome photographer friend Stephanie Segarra┬ádid with me. We went around town and took various outfits for a ride.

The skirt and the shoes are the main pieces here. That skirt is so full and so big and has the best design, because of pockets and the stripes. The shoes are by YES and they are a lizard like texture with a iridescent blue\green shine, depending on where the light hits.

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I have a lot of black outfits lined up for the blog. For some reason , out if my pattern crazy world, I’ve been turning to a lot of black and textured outfits lately. Maybe It’s from having to run everywhere and not have as much time to stand around in my closet and look at my clothes or just┬ábecause im to tired to think. Still It’s turned out to be quite interesting play with textures. If you’ve been following me on IG you ┬ámay have noticed that.

The dress is from a new store that opened about a month ago in Calle Loiza, calle Moni&Coli. The thing about this dress is the cape that’s built into it. THATS IT. It’s a pretty simple dress, but the cape is the thing that makes it interesting. Paired up with my Aggy docs it get’s personality.

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I have been putting off this look for a while. I could never get it ready for a shoot. I’ve had this outfit in my head for over a year and although I’ve used it many times, I could never make the shoot happen. Finally it did. Thanks to help from my friends and the amazing building my friends live in it happened. THe skirt is for the grid obsessed. From front row shop, It’s a neoprene beauty. I love how minimalist the pictures turnes out, very in tune with the vibe the outfit gave.

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Green and yellow. This look is awesome because of that shirt. From the local thrift store Electroshock Xchange, It’s just a ver happy illustration. Perfect to wear on a sunny day.

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