I updated my zine store with all the new zines that I’ve created this last year. I still have to upload a few that I didint upload. Check it!

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Society 6


I’ve uploaded TONS and TONS of new patterns and prints to Society 6. I’ve had that account sense forever and never really used it to it’s fill potential. Now I’ve finally updated it and you can go buy pillows, t shirts, shower curtains and prints to make your home prettier!

New items on Ebay +Poshmark

Just uploaded new stuff on Ebay  and Poshmark! Check it out!

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DIY sandals

Saw these sandals at Zara and immedeately though about drawing something on them. With a sharpie paint marker I drew the stick pattern to make them more fun! But beware of what finishing spray you use, becuase I used the wrong one and the material went ahead to tell me I was wrong by turning white. Yes, white when the sandals are black. So for not checking on a small surface before, I had to do it all over again. My boyfriend painted them black with a luster spray paint and I went ahead and did the pattern again. The moral of the story here is you gotta check it before you wreck it!



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Ok so here are some amazingly exciting news! Paom has teamed up with Buffallo to print designs of the PAOM community on the buffalo platforms for a limited time! I want like 5 of each of my designs. These is super exciting, because I get to have a pair of shoes with my design on them. Now, the only thing is that you need $250 to buy them. But, you get original printed ands super limited edition shoes!

I uploaded a few of my patterns on here so you guys can see how the designs would look on the shoes. SO if you guys are interested in a specific pattern of mine…..LET ME KNOW and I will upload it ASAP!

To buy each design click on the shoe pic you like!

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I have been busy making patterns! Check out the newest patterns on the store!!! 

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ON the 2k IG contest the winner is JOSHANTON! Congrats on the win of 8 zines, 1 trading card pack, a set of earrings and 2 fish rings!!!! But I will be giving #2 psicofonias and #3 iamcaraly,  the my new zine on patterns! Thanks to all the participants and for following me on Instagram! ❤

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Ouna’s spring cleaning bazaar

A few shots from today!!!