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This is a very bizarre post, because a friend of mine sent me a buzzfeed post about fashion, but the difference this time is that the last photo of the post was straight form my instagram. Yes I’m super excited, although a heads up from the buzzfeed writer would have been nice to keep a look out for the post, thank god my friend saw it! Still I’m super excited for it!!! Check it here!

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Ecliptica | Paradis

Got the chance to be backstage taking pictures for Matte Mag in Ecliptica’s fashion show Paradis. I couldnt ask for anything better than to enjoy a show being backstage and having the chance to document the process. The collective rush, documenting piece by piece, model by model, how details are fixed and changed at the last minute, how a show gets done and how it will be remembered. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I Love it.