Dragas a las rocas


One of the things that I do, or try to do actually, is being a photographer for a living. Specifically photographing events. One of the events that I enjoy most, are fashion and drag shows. The backstage at these shows is absolutely crazy, with tons of people crammed in a tiny room,trying to dress, do hair and make up and at the same time trying not to break a sweat makes for amazing pictures in the end. The shows are another thing.

Each drag queen has a specific personality, so I’ve noticed when I edit the pictures that the pictures actually turn out to the Queens vibes from on stage. April Carrion is one of my favorites, every time she does a show It’s breathtaking. There is a certain thing for details in these shows that is just the kind of thing that I love to look at and capture through the photos. I look up to these Queens, their performance and commitment and detail to each look, inspires me to push the envelope on my own outfits. Here I leave you with a few pics from a show produced by Mala Entertainment.







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