Highest form of flattery

I decided to go to ASOS marketplace to take a look around. Immediately after I write platform shoes on the search bar, the first picture to come up is one from my lookbook posts “Genesis“. I was kind of shocked that this seller had my picture, nobody ever contacted me to use it. Still, I’ve seen this happen with many fashion bloggers, when wholesale sellers or just random sellers have certain items that look like what some blogger on the internet is wearing, they use that photo so people will see how the item looks. I always though that this people had permission from this bloggers, but now I see that most probably they don’t. I really don’t mind, because It’s just my legs, but still, a little bit of credit wouldn’t hurt though. Could this be the highest form of flattery?


One thought on “Highest form of flattery

  1. I think you should contact them and say something… nice, but say something. Big places think they can get away with murder. Maybe, knowing now that you know, they are willing to send some other nice shoes for free so your legs can model them. THAT's a higher form of flattery, to my opinion…


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