Book of the day

Calvin and Hobbes is one of my fav books after Mafalda. Although both have many similarities Mafalda’s more political and humanitarian approach makes her a powerhouse of human rights, while calvin depicts his insatisfaction with art and an ongoing existential questioning. Bill Watterson’s creation, reminds you of the contrast of innocence and the twist of evil kids sometimes have. Hobbes is the best friend anyone (including adults) can have. Functioning not only as his imaginary friend, but as his voice of conscience. This comic strip reminds me so much of how important it’s to have fun and preserve the innocence that once we had as kids.

Below I took pictures of a few of my favorite strips from the books. Hope you guys enjoy!

and more…

you can say this one is my most fav
One more thing. In august I went to SanFrancisco’s Cartoon museum and saw an original Illustration!


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