The Best

This last months I’ve been more into reading graphic novels and comics. A whole new thing for me, I got more into graphic novels cause most of them have incredible illustrations and stories. The Best American Comics 2010 was a lucky buy, cause it was on special for 3 bucks. ( I’ll later do a review on the 2011 book) So why not? It truly has some of the best, at a point that I looked up the stories I liked the most. Do you think maybe there are the best European COmics? I don’t think I’m talking crazy. Somebody bettah do it.


3 thoughts on “The Best

  1. yeah! yo tengo este libro tambien, tiene pal de cosas. chequeate shortcomings de adrian tomine(en el libro hay un fragmento) y jimmycorrigan smaartest kid on earth del inigualable chris ware (el editor del libro)


  2. Gracias!!!! Los voy a chequiar!! El de shortcomings me quede con ganas de leer mas estaba muy interesante y el the smartest kid on earth ese libroo haceee tiempo me lo quiero comprar!!! pero borders siempre lo tiene to jodio!!! gracias!!!


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