Marker er er er

I never thought permanent markers made of much use other that to crossover really black lines or to mark things. Hollis Thompson Brown redefines the use of the marker, referencing back to cultural defining objects like the VHS.

“..The environments in the work are constructed of both the tangible and the remote, things that are already understood and things in a vague state of formation. For instance, images in the photographs are tangible aspects of reality, frozen moments in time, people and places that exist, or at one time existed. Erasing or obscuring elements of the photograph puts the situation in a state of transition. Adding the lines and drawings adds other influences and potentials. Sometimes these lines are controlled by the elements in the photograph and sometimes they are completely independent. But the figures in the photographs, they are the reason the myths exist, they are the questioners who come up with the stories and explanations, so their environment is altered to represent these uncertainties and changing beliefs.

In many people’s lives, computers are becoming more and more important and perhaps necessary aspect of existence. Now we live in a merging of real and virtual worlds, an intermingling of realities to form this current reality. This new reality allows new forms of communication and interaction, we have virtual identities, personal websites, social networking, and we have video games, allowing the people to be the protagonists in new mythic adventures. We are able to create images and events that were once impossible, either in the huge blockbuster movies or tiny computer manipulated photographs. Ever increasingly, we are made up of pixels and html code…”


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