Pass the BUTTAH dear?

This is NOT just thinking outside of the box, but kicking it in the ars over and over!!!!
Karisia Paponi’s graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art and finished her degree with an amazing collection called “Four o’ Cock”. Inspired by Porcelain prints from the 19th century, her collection is filled with flower prints and tea patterns, sets the bar for the new upcoming…trends?

Or better said by Yatzer:

The collection that could just as well be named A Guide to Mad-Hatter’s tea Party was highly dreamy and girly. Inspired by a porcelain tea set, the designer created doll-like silhouettes featuring extravagant necklines and tiny full skirts adorned with colourful prints. The footwear screamed 60’s and consisted of high-heeled patent t-bar sandals in acid green, French navy, rose pink, white, beige, and wine red. In one word: brilliant!


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