A combination of lines and triangles: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bit of info from Mark’s site:

Mark Warren Jacques born December 30th 1984, Mount Carmel hospital, Columbus Ohio.
-age 7: traced a picture of Bart Simpson and presented it to friends misleading
them to believe it had been drawn freehand, impressed, they demanded he
make them all one for their personal
collections. He did and thus began his career as a creative.
-age 10-16: graffiti, skateboarding
-age 17: Columbus College of Art and Design
-age 18: Took study under painter John Piper, where he really learned some things
about art and what it means to be alive.
-age 20: Portland.
-Currently: making things everyday, running an art space with his buddies,
running a little publishing company, running, trying to get away from using
the computer so much & being in love.

from booooooooooooooom


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