Erin Cooney aka Nire is a beat maker from Queens. I’ve listened to her music since 2007, but this miss has been around for more than that. She’s one of the original MOB girls and like she said on Vapors Mag issue 36 2006, she’s “always had MMMMAAAAADDDD STYYLEEEEE”. Check out her Myspace page that has some of my fav songs.

Believe me, SHE HAS some serious style. You can see her wearing some amazing jewelry on some of the new posters she’s been promoting. Indulging in big-ass-two-fingered-statement-making-rings is a little obsession of mine ( apart from all the other little obsessions I have). The rings I’m talking about that Nire exhibits on her hand are from her new line called Je M’aime, who she’s made a mixtape aaaand you can download free. Her NY based accessories store whose debut line consists of two and three finger rings with designs are as unique as they are glamorous. All made of 24-karat vermeil. OH YES… the designs are mad original and even thought the price is a bit out of my range it’s deff worth the cost.



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