This whole situation is such a cliché

Alexander McQueen never leaves a runway without people being confused, amazed or disgusted.
Another of his collections has made it’s way to many blogs and online magz. This time, powered by the exclusivity in fashion and repetitive silhouettes seen show after show. I have never disliked any collection of his, and this one I’m loving even more. I don’t know how fashion shows work, but if his statement is what the NY times makes of it , then I hope there was no charge or an RSVP to this runway. You can look at the complete collection here.

“Still, few designers are willing to admit that the expectations of fashion are changing, or to honestly question the future for luxury goods if the appetite — largely invented over the last decade with calculated marketing more than innovative design — no longer exists. Alexander McQueen’s exceptional collection shown here on Tuesday night, the most ambitious we have seen this season, was as much a slap in the face to his industry, then, as it was brave statement about the absurdity of the race to build empires in fashion.”



Souce: ashadedview, NY Times


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