No season, no reason

It’s just so interesting how prowling about the net,
you end up in places you don’t really expect to find.
I was reading my morning blogs and one of them
lead me to another that featured a designer who does
a lot of bows. All BEAUTIFULLY done. At first I didn’t
even read the post(later i did), ’cause the bows alone
are amazing. I went straight to the designers site to get
a better look of those delicious exaggerations and found,
not only an appetite for such puffy purses, but the pieces
that Alexis Mabille puts together are just a military dream.
They follow the path of some tailored collections I admire
so much from this years runways.

I learned that when you do something, you HAVE to go all out, and so the bows are everywhere. I love the repetition in every piece and how each one has a different function, color, style or textile. His entire line has this yummy characteristic of juxtaposing between fabrics, colors, patterns etc. I have to say, I would wear EVERYTHING from Mabille.

After reading the post in said blog and looking at EVERY piece closely, what fascinates
me most is the position he takes on his collections concept.
It goes like this:

“No season, no reason
Autumn, winter, spring, summer, her, him, you and I. Feminine and masculine styles get on harmoniously. He borrows her shall; she grabs his rugby jersey. In today fashion, seasons tend to be on the way. They often blend. Playing with these boundaries, with time and occasions, Alexis Mabille mixes and matches genders with lightness but determination. Social conventions are turned upside down and sometimes disregarded. This suggests unusual matches of materials. Fragile see-through effects and trimmings are combined with starch cottons, heavy weight wools, and sensual furs. To energize today style, Alexis grabs reminiscences of military stiffness, uniforms, sport attires, and bourgeois basics. He mixes them with the excesses of the French Second Empire chic: galloons, froggings, edgings, beadings, lace appliqués, paillettes and bows which adorn severe wool clothes, dry crepes, and crisp cottons and piqués. Mysterious black or deep dark fabrics are associated with vibrant colors and glittery “tektonik” stretch materials. Voluptuous baby pink, camel beige, and fleshy tones pop in. The day and the evening wear present the same ideas of glamour…

…Both materials and styles do not belong anymore to the occasion. Jane Birkin inspired, I line stretches out the silhouettes. Men and women wearing the pants share a modern wardrobe. The shirts get all the attention. There embellishments and cuts are essentials: cow-boy, rock star, slashed, pleated, formal or sport; from the mini shirt dress to the long evening one with traine. Pants high waisted or low waisted, are double pleated or skin tight; Capri, jeans, and baggy shorts play their game. Women or men accessories alike: bags, bows and bowties, belts and chain necklaces, use the same needlework, laces, rhinestones and furs. Here and there, a few innocent touches interfere with these playful, but refined visions. Such as the fashion savvy, Pauline de Metternick, George Sand and Nathalie Barney’s amazons, today our dashing girlfriends snatch bowties, men suits, shirts and knitted bordered cardigans. They are all dandies. Men are glad to borrow their furs, diamonds and paillettes. Both adopt the Alexis Mabille’s emblematic bowties. Only proportions, cuts and contrasting materials count.”

And with al this blablabla, I leave you with just a few of the many pictures from
Alexis Mabille runway shows:


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