turn on the accent

Susie bubble is not only the most adorable bloggers there is, but much more than that
her fearless writing skills and the positions she takes on fashion is what i admire most
about her. On her blog she took the liberty to post some FAQ about her, so I’m re-posting
them here so people who don’t know who she is can have an insight to this wonderful
lady’s thoughts:

How old are you?
24 (will have to change that in a few weeks though!)

When did you start the blog?

March 2006. Apparently, it feels a lot longer because people have said things like “I’ve been reading Style Bubble for YEARS….!” which makes it sound like they’ve been reading it for decades… might have something to do with the way I ramble on and on and on…

What do you do?
I WAS working in digital media, hence my tagline as a ‘fashion-outsider/enthusiast’. I’m now commissioning editor of Dazed Digital at Dazed & Confused. I’m still a fashion-outsider.

Where are you from?
I was born in London, UK but my parents are from Hong Kong.

What is your favourite kind of jam?
I veer between quince and apricot depending on the day…

*Ok, that last one wasn’t typical but feel free to ask such randomness…

Your questions

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about yourself?
I like the moon shapes on my fingernails. I hate the ones on my toes.

What do you immediately scan for when you go into a clothes shop? What are you drawn to?
Depends on the shop… I’m generally drawn to anything that takes my fancy on that particular day, on a particular moment… hard to say. Right now, I’d be drawn to heels constructed out of metal.

Do you find the Marni patent wedges easy to walk in?
Fairly easy. They’re not ‘taxi’ shoes by any stretch of the imagination. I walked in them on cobbled streets on Stockholm for a good twenty minutes without too much trouble… though I wouldn’t go hiking in them or anything.

Do you speak Cantonese? Hakka?
I speak fluent Cantonese and very bad Mandarin. No Hakka though I understand a little when I’m in the mood.

Do you like being a BBC (British Born Chinese)?
I don’t like or dislike it? It’s just part of who I am. Kind of like the moon shapes on my fingernails…

Do you say “Ai ya!” a lot?
No… but my boyfriend thinks it’s funny to say it all the time.

Do you like sushi?
Yes, but I like fresh sushi. Supermarket or EAT/Pret a Manger sushi is rancid. Yo!Sushi is ok when I’m particularly hungry and impatient.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time? Do you ever want to become immersed as an ‘insider’ of the fashion world?
If this recession doesn’t make Western Civilisation crumble down to the point that everyone is in a destitute state then I guess in ten years’ time I’d like to obviously still be involved in SOME way in fashion…in what way I don’t know. I think fashion roles as we know it will change anyway and that familiar hierarchy will shift so I would never be a fashion luvvie/daaarrrling because there won’t be that tolerance for that sort of people. Also, I can’t address other people as ‘Daaarrrling!’ I’d sound really lame.

Do you ever dress “normally” and does it make you feel weird?
I’m afraid I’d have to answer that with another question; what does ‘normally’ mean – please define it and then I could probably answer.

EDIT: I think (well, I presume) what was meant by the “Do you ever dress normal?” question is, do you ever just feel uninspired or lazy and just hang out in tracksuit pants, your boyfriends jumper and your hair in a messy ponytail? Or are you always ‘done up’ if you know what I mean….
I guess everyone has their own version of laid back outfits. For me, it’s never trackie bottoms. I tend to wear leggings and a sweater if I’m pulling on an outfit just to like cook breakfast or something. But then I’ll always change. I could do up to 4 or 5 changes a day on a weekend.

How did you get the job at Dazed?
Through a tough round of interviews, a bit of Red Bull and a bit of luck…

How much time do you spend on the computer each day?
On the weekdays, it’s easily 12 hours of each day as I work from about 10am to 7pm and then work some more when I get home or in the mornings…I’m talking day job work here…
Blogging wise, it’s probably only one or two hours a day.
On weekends, it’s far less…depends on what I’m doing.

Do you ever get funny looks when you’re out and about and if you do what do you think/do about them?
On some occasions I get anything from tutting to outright abuse… the iPod headphones help quite a bit.

Can you read Chinese characters?
I can read Chinese fluently. However, I find reading simplified characters quite difficult for some reason. I also write too when forced.

What is your favourite root vegetable?
Without a doubt, it is the parsnip! I’m sallivating at the thought of roasted parsnips at Christmas with some rough sea salt and pepper crushed over them…

If you could live in any other time period (regardless of the fact that you probably wouldn’t have fitted in very well in most), which would it be?
1760s’ in London during the reign of mad George III, Shanghai in the 1920s’ and 1970s’ in New York.

How did you find staying in London for uni?
I chose to go to UCL PRECISELY because it was in London. I didn’t want to leave my friends and I was a big baby who didn’t want to go to a real campus-like uni. I personally loved it; living in residence halls across from Selfridges, eating out MORE than I should have and distracting myself with London more than I should have been doing. I don’t mind daylight robbery – £1.50 apples from Selfridges Food Hall… yeeesh…

Who are your favourite artists?
The ol’ faves…Francis Bacon, Marc Chagall, Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch. At the mo tho I’m finding Twinkle Troughton’s work quite hilarious…

If you could live in another city for one year of your life where would you go?
Probably New York just because I’ve considered moving there and I’d be able to find some form of employment (or maybe not in this current state…)

Do you think that was a cool way to “interview” with no questions or words? Or that was a silly post (reference to Stiletto Effect’s Blogger Desk post)
Ho ho ho…. that’s a cheeky way to drive traffic, no?
Yes, it was a cool way to “interview” judging from the number of comments on the post and also because people are voyeuristic. I also sometimes suspect a lot of readers here just skim through the text so visual interviews are always quite popular and successful.

What is your favourite country and would you live anywhere else besides the UK?
Right now, I’m quite happy in London but who knows in a year’s time. I’m certainly not tied to this city and circumstances change all the time. I don’t really have a favourite country… I have favourite cities and they include Antwerp, Paris (at certain times of the year…), Shanghai and Bilbao.

For the rest of the interview go HERE


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