A few nights ago I sat with my mom to see some movies she rented at a video store.
I wasn’t planning on staying to see the whole movie, but the one she selected that night
was very intriguing, it’s very different from any usual movie. Persepolis is a documentary
written and based on an Iranian girl called Marjane Satrapi, who was educated in an
occidental mindset by progressive parents.

She’s a very curious, intellectual, imaginative and outspoken as a girl, who is tired of
the oppression that the Iranian woman face “in the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution,
which goes horribly wrong with Islamic fundamentals taking power and creating a new
theocratic tyranny”. One of the admirable things about the documentary is the animation,
it’s beautiful visuals and fantastic illustration make Persepolis a contrasting film between
the issues presented and the take on humor.

Here are a few screen captures and a teaser from the film:

PERSEPOLIS trailer,t=1,mt=video


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