YAY for me!

More than a year ago, I submitted some designs and illustrations to Sketchel series 2,
“A sketchel is a one of a kind, customized shoulder bag, featuring an original design
incorporated within the bag, by some of the freshest, most talented artists in the world
” Months passed and I never got to an email or anything from this people again.
I thought I wasted all the money my parents had invested in me, and after some time
forgot about this project.

Today I get an email that the sketchel series 2 just released. I went to the site like hell
was going to burn my finger if a didn’t, and searched my name like a high schooler who
knocks everyone out of the way to see if they’ve made the team\club. I saw my name, my
designs (all 5 of them) and gooshh so much time had passed I forgot about it and now
I’m on there page.. POW!..I feel like a kid with candy. BECAUSE this was a while back, I
didn’t have this blog and linked to myspace so people could see my work.. WRONG…I’m
making he necessary changes with the sketchel team, so they can link me back to here.
But still, BUY MY ONE OF A KIND BAG…. thank you :D:D:D

In the near future I will make a post showing the 5 designs that made it to sketchel. 😀

*Click image to enlarge


3 thoughts on “YAY for me!

  1. I’m really happy for you! This only means that you can dream BIG! I feel proud of you as puertorrican. So keep doing what you love. Take Care, Naomi Sud


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