label me not

I feel British today, but only the cliche movie type with the heavy prints and
multi layering(which I adore). Obviously I wasn’t going to smoke a pipe, drink
tea or wear round glasses(sorry for the labeling my overseas friends), but I
really think all of this influence comes from all the blogs I’ve been reading for
some time. Still, I was going to a fashion thing and I wanted to look different
from the high-waisted, 60’s dress look. I forgot to button a…. button? and to
tell my sister to squash a bit, to look taller.

Ok, ok ok enough rubbish, and let’s see the pictures to this outfit.

Blazer: My mum’s closet velvet blazer
Dress: Charlotte Russe ruffle dress
Skirt: Marciano brown/gold lace skirt
Sneakers: Brown Zara sneakers
Socks: Dad’s drawer soffffft socks
Tie: My bff tie ( he gave it to me after he’s wife threw it out)
Vest: I only remember that I got it really cheap

One more thing… Which photo do you fancy?

*click the images to make them big.


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