Sackboy is my new hero

I can’t get over this illustration. And the last thing that crossed my mind
was video games. I’m to tired to write, so here is some info on this world:

Media Molecule was founded by a small troupe of Lionhead
veterans who, bolstered by their work together on cult indie
game Rag Doll Kung-Fu, decided they could see a great way
to make innovative, creative games for the ‘next generation’
of game consoles – all the while staying small and true to that
‘family’ vibe you only get when working in a small, talented team.”

I want a life size plush toy of Sackboy.


2 thoughts on “Sackboy is my new hero

  1. ive been seeing commercials for this video game and like you, im not a huge gaming fan but this looks too cute/fun to pass up. i think i need to convince my boyfriend to buy it…:]


  2. yeah, i’m not a big gamer type person, but when I like a game, i can’t stop. A week ago i played Wii sports at a friends house and it was reeeeeallly good but then couldnt move my neck for a weekI still want my sackboy plush 😦


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