There is hope now

Strange? nope
(con la e porque si no imaginate, no es a lo gringo)

These guys have been in my bookmark ever sense I can remember, of course I never remember what I did yesterday, but I DO know I’ve had them for quite a while. Every time I enter Ryan’s and Cateljine’s page, they make me smile. Strange Attractors Design interacts with the user or at least that’s where I kind of always get stuck in there page, but we can blame it on my short attention span *sweats a little*. Creating lines as the cursor tags along with me(I’m obsessed with lines if yer haven’t figured) they always pop up when I’m going though memories of references in my head. S.A.D. has a really innovative outlook on communication and design, please, don’t let them pass you by.

* I will not translate that.


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