Dress me up

Romance Was Born SS0809 backstage. Picture: Sonny Vandevelde

I’m still waiting for them to dress bjork.

There mix of layers, colors and fabric combinations, makes them stand out of the
mad crops of sell sell sell & buy buy buy type of industry. The sentimental pair Anna
Plunkett and Luke Sales of Sydney, with there love for kitsch, gave birth to there fashion
Romance Was Born. There collections and fashion spreads, often inspire drama that
you would only dream of or read in fairy tails. They have dressed the likes of MIA, Lilly
Allen and Deborah Harry.

It’s impossible to find anything close to this brand where I live.
Still, I’ll keep dreaming about fabric and shape, bold silhouettes
and characters i only see in… dreams?

I’ll just hang my thoughts in the closet

*las 2 pictures from romancewasborn.com


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