“BRICKS” Concalma X supakid colab

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Super excited to announce my colab with @diaconcalma !!!! Pattern design is one of my fave things to work on! Here I got the chance to design the pattern for the fabric, also the concept, styling and photography for the shoot.

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To the T

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These speaks for itself
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Or the tampon shorts on PAOM!

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Du Pasquier

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Nathalie Du Pasquier is not only an amazing designer, but one of the founding member of the Memphis group (an Italian design and architecture group founded in Milan in 1981). I’ve been obsessed with them for a while now. Hunting and searching on the web for things ( I can afford ) made by the Memphis Group. One of the few things my pocket can actually take, is this really fun romper from American Apparel. Last year they launched a line with some Pasquier iconic patterns and being pattern obsessed I hunt down these piece until I could get it to my wallet’s demands.

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It’s like someone at Topshop was thinking of me when they made this shirt. It has my name written all over. I fell in love with it so fast. Patterns patterns and more patterns!!!!

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I updated my zine store with all the new zines that I’ve created this last year. I still have to upload a few that I didint upload. Check it!

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Society 6


I’ve uploaded TONS and TONS of new patterns and prints to Society 6. I’ve had that account sense forever and never really used it to it’s fill potential. Now I’ve finally updated it and you can go buy pillows, t shirts, shower curtains and prints to make your home prettier!


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Stripes and a grid. Today’s outfit is all of that. The top is perfect for summer, specially in the caribbean where it can get pretty humid. The top is from Nordstrom’s corner of Topshop and the stripes pants I really cant remember, ‘cuase they are old 😛

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This is a very bizarre post, because a friend of mine sent me a buzzfeed post about fashion, but the difference this time is that the last photo of the post was straight form my instagram. Yes I’m super excited, although a heads up from the buzzfeed writer would have been nice to keep a look out for the post, thank god my friend saw it! Still I’m super excited for it!!! Check it here!

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Check out my newest editorial “The Forgotten Strip” published up at Superhero Mag!. You can also check out my website to see more pics from the shoot!

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